Bi-Weekly Geopolitical Report – The Archetypes of American Foreign Policy: A Reprise (November 13, 2023)

Bill O’Grady | PDF

A critical issue in 2024 will be the U.S. presidential elections.  America is going through a particularly partisan period where passing legislation is difficult and policy shifts between administrations are widening.  Foreign policy isn’t exempt from these changes.  In preparation for next year’s election, we wanted to update one of our earlier reports on the archetypes of American foreign policy.

In this report, we will briefly describe and discuss the four archetypes of American foreign policy.  With presidential elections roughly one year away, we hope that this discussion will assist readers in examining the candidates and their potential foreign policy positions, using these archetypes as a guide.  After we have laid out the archetypes, we will offer a short history of foreign policy from the end of WWII into the present and discuss how it has evolved from the Cold War into the post-Cold War period.  We will conclude with reflections and market ramifications.

Note: Due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, the next report will be our 2024 Geopolitical Outlook published on December 11.

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