Weekly Energy Update (February 23, 2023)

by Bill O’Grady, Thomas Wash, and Patrick Fearon-Hernandez, CFA | PDF

Crude oil remains in a trading range between $72-$82 per barrel.

(Source: Barchart.com)

Crude oil inventories rose 7.6 mb compared to a 2.0 mb build forecast.  The SPR was unchanged.

In the details, U.S. crude oil production was unchanged at 12.3 mbpd.  Exports rose 1.5 mbpd, while imports rose 0.1 mbpd.  Refining activity fell 0.6% to 85.9% of capacity.

 (Sources: DOE, CIM)

The above chart shows the seasonal pattern for crude oil inventories.  We are accumulating oil inventory at a rapid pace, even without SPR sales.  The primary culprit is low refining activity, which should pick up later this year.  The rapid rise in stockpiles, though, is a bearish factor for oil, and current stockpiles have already exceeded the five-year average peak normally seen in early summer.

Since the SPR is being used, to some extent, as a buffer stock, we have constructed oil inventory charts incorporating both the SPR and commercial inventories.  With another round of SPR sales set to happen, the combined storage data will again be important.

Total stockpiles peaked in 2017 and are now at levels last seen in 2001.  Using total stocks since 2015, fair value is $94.35.

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[1] Most natural gas storage is housed in depleted wells.  To maintain well integrity, gas must be injected and withdrawn at a steady pace.  During mild winters, current production and required storage withdrawals tend to cause significant price weakness.

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