Weekly Geopolitical Report – Reflections on Tiananmen (June 10, 2019)

by Bill O’Grady

Thirty years ago, on June 4, troops from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) descended upon Tiananmen Square to forcibly remove protestors who had been using the space for about two months.  The protestors were agitating for democracy, an end to corruption and a more inclusive political system.

Details of the incident remain unsettled.  There are no doubts that hundreds of students were killed or injured.  Arrests were made.  But, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has studiously avoided publishing a full account of the Tiananmen Square events.

Since Western media has offered numerous accounts of the events on June 3-4, 1989, we are not going to present a history of the protests or the harsh reaction of the CPC leadership.  Instead, we will offer various insights into the aftermath of the event itself and how it affects policy and relations today.  As always, we will conclude with market ramifications.

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